Don Lemon Says Trump Once Told Him His Blackness Prevents Him From Being A Good Reporter

Don ain't done with the Trumps yet!

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| August 08 2018,

8:04 pm

Don Lemon has been a consistent critic of the president of the United States, and is not done coming for Donald Trump's toupee yet. 

Lemon spilled some tea on his past encounters with 45 during a sit down with a few of his CNN colleagues on The Situation Room. The Washington Post reports the two had a respectful relationship until 2011, when Lemon called Trump out about his campaign for then-President Obama’s birth certificate.

“The last time I interviewed Donald Trump, before he ran for office, was the night that Osama Bin Laden was killed. It was before he was killed and we had a row about the birther issue,” Lemon recalled. 

“He vowed that he would never do an interview with me because he said I was racist, because I challenged him on an infactual statement, a lie.”

“[Trump said] you’re a racist?” Dana Bash responded, in shock.

Lemon said Trump believed black journalists could not maintain their professionalism because of their race.

“That I was racist because of the way that I challenged him,” Lemon continued. “Much in the way that he thought that I can’t be unbiased about an issue concerning race, like Judge Curiel, because I’m African American. So he accused me of being racist.”

Trump must have gotten over it, because Lemon said Trump went on to appear on his show “eight or nine” times after the incident. Lemon believes their relations went south again after Trump was elected president and CNN began to hold him accountable for his behavior.

“And then once he became president of the United States, and you have to hold his feet to the fire, all of a sudden he doesn’t like what I’m doing,” Lemon said. “Because I have to call out the lies, or the misstatements, or when he gets something wrong, or when he does something crazy, or when he tweets something that’s just beyond the pale. All of a sudden he doesn’t like me.”

Wolf Blitzer pivoted to the controversy over Lemon’s interview with Lebron James and commended Melania Trump for her statement in support of the athlete's new school. Lemon, however, said he didn't buy Melania Trump's tweet, and reminded everyone of her support for Trump’s birtherism campaign.

“I think that’s great that Melania Trump did that, I give her credit for it,” Lemon said. “I don’t know if we should read too much into it because I think we also have to remember she was a Birther too.”

Trump's Twitter fingers must be tingling. 

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