Donald Glover paid Ellen a visit to break his silence on being cast in the Star Wars Han Solo spin-off. Everything he said about his relationship with the role makes the decision feel even better.

Glover said he has very fond memories of the character.

“That was the first toy I had — Lando. That was the very first. I remember it like yesterday, my dad gave it to me.” He also said that he called his dad straight away after getting the part, and that he was excited. But it was his mom in the background who let him know, “Don’t mess this up.”

So the pressure is definitely on, but I have no doubt that Donald will rise to and above the occasion. Ellen went on to praise his work on Atlanta, a show that’s become a phenomenon on television. On the critically-acclaimed show, Glover said, “I just wanted to make Twin Peaks with rappers.”

This has been a banner year for Donald Glover. And I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better. Watch the full interview above!

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