A 2013 clip has resurfaced of Dr. Mehmet Oz while he was on the campaign trail as a Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate.

Oz, now the Republican nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania, spoke at the National Governors Association on the topic of “personal and governmental responsibility.” He explained his belief that “health” is only a right for those who can afford insurance.

Oz spoke about the balance between personal and state responsibility for health. He urged governors to prioritize health in their states, warning against obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and smoking.

During the speech, Oz attempted to pitch governors on a concept where local providers would host inexpensive 15-minute screenings “in a festival-like setting.” These outdoor screenings would suffice for people who did not have insurance.

Oz added the screenings would be inexpensive and efficient for participating hospitals and the state. He added that he held similar events in the past, and that many people who took advantage of the service had jobs but not health care coverage.

Oz’s reasoning behind his pitch was eyebrow raising to say the least.

“Give them a way of crawling back out of the abyss, of darkness, of fear, over not having the health they need, and give them an opportunity,” he said in the clip. “They don’t have the right to health, but they have a right to access — a chance to get that health.”

Tweet Courtesy of @PatriotTakes

Many were confused about how Oz justified his position that Americans do not have a right to health but do have a right to access health care.

It was unclear how a 15-minute physical would benefit someone without insurance. If a doctor was to find anything, it would still leave the individual without options and access to further treatment.

One of the most confusing factors was how Oz’s stance on health care differed from his stance prior to when he began the Senate race.

As CNN previously reported, before jumping into the Republican race for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, Oz regularly supported health insurance mandates and promoted Obamacare, taking positions that were unusual for a Republican candidate.

As a physician, Oz advocated that everyone in America should have insurance. He has also said the government should provide health care coverage to Americans who cannot afford it.
“It should be mandatory that everybody in America have health care coverage,” Oz told The Seattle Times in 2009. “If you can’t afford it, we have to give it to you.”

Oz has been quoted saying he favored the health care systems in Germany and Switzerland, which provide mandatory universal health care that is run by private companies.

As his thoughts align with the majority of his fellow Republicans, Oz has offered a health care plan of his own.

That plan, which he does not name on his website, is known as “Medicare Advantage for All.” According to The Lever, Oz’s website states that he would “expand access to private sector plans expanded by President Trump.” The plan, he said, would be loved by seniors for its “low cost” and “high quality.” The site also stated that it could be available to all Americans.

While Oz’s stance on health care accessibility is unclear, the need for reform is very apparent.

According to The Independent, about 31 million Americans — roughly 10 percent of the country — are currently uninsured.