One of the most-acclaimed, if not the most acclaimed RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff, Drag Race España, has been officially renewed for season 3 on the heels of the season 2 finale.

The sophomore season’s finale episode crowned Sharonne as Spain’s next drag superstar.

In a recent chat with Shadow and Act discussing her win and what’s next, Sharonne says the win represents “a great personal pride not only for the work I’ve done in the show, but also for all the years I’ve dedicated in my life to Drag.”

Throughout the season, Sharonne had three wins, including one during the Snatch Game episode, which she calls her highlight of the season. “I made someone I adore and who has always been close to the hearts of the Spanish people,” she said of the performance. Verónica Forqué was great and I wanted to remember her with affection and a touch of humor, as she never lost it.”

On the other hand, the rusical was the biggest challenge she said she had to overcome. “Recording times are limited, and in a very short time, we had to learn the texts, record [the] songs [and know] the stage space and where we had to move,” she explained. “That was done in one afternoon and it was recorded the following morning. Quite a feat!”

As for what’s next, there is a new series coming to Drag Race España‘s local network, ATRESplayer Premium that she will star in. It is likened to a Spanish version of HBO’s We’re Here, and she’ll be featured along with Drag Race España host Supremme de Luxe, Drag Race España season 1 queen Pupi Poisson and season 2 queen Estrella Extravaganza.

“At the moment, we are about to premiere Reinas Al Rescate, a new format of ATRESplayer Premium where we will meet the LGTBI+ collective in rural environments,” Sharonne said. “It’s a beautiful program where we will laugh and get excited in equal parts. And June 22 starts the tour of El Gran Hotel de las Reinas that will take my colleagues and me to travel all over Spain until the end of the year. Whatever else comes my way, it will be good.”

And she also would love to come to the United States and there is one American entertainment personality she’d love to meet and perform with.

“I’ve never been [to America] and I would love to. In my shows before I went on Drag Race, I always sang live and to be able to sing there would be a dream, plus to meet and exchange a few notes with Jennifer Hudson. That would be heaven. I’m just asking for it.”

You can stream Drag Race España season 2 in its entirety on WOW Presents Plus. Season 3 is expected to bow sometime next year.