Update: Following a social media firestorm, Electronic Arts (EA) has released a statement apologizing for censoring former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's name out of YG's song "Big Bank."

“We made an unfortunate mistake with our Madden NFL soundtrack,” the statement issued by the studio read according to The Independent. “We will make it right, with an update to Madden NFL 19 on August 6 that will include the reference again. We meant no disrespect, and we apologize to Colin, to YG and Big Sean, to the NFL, to all of their fans and our players for this mistake.”

According to he Independent, Kaep's name was reportedly removed because of copyright issues. The player responsible for leading two years of protests against racial injustice has become an enemy of the Right and supporters believe EA's removal of his name was one of many attempts to discredit him.

Original story: Colin Kaepernick has ruffled enough bigoted feathers to have any mention of him scrubbed from Madden 2019.

YG’s song "Big Bank" is featured on the video game’s soundtrack and in the song's guest verse, Big Sean mentions Kaep.

"Feed me to the wolves now I lead the pack and sh*t/You boys all cap, I'm more Colin Kaepernick," Big Sean raps.

On Thursday, an attentive fan noticed the verse had been censored to omit the quarterback’s name. Instead, there’s a long pause.

According to TMZ, the censorship won’t stop there. Kaepernick will not be featured in the game even in downloadable content since he isn’t signed to a team.

This isn’t the first time Madden has given Kaepernick the Voldemort treatment.

His name was also removed from Madden '18, reports NBC Sports.

“Bars of Soap” by Mike WiLL Made-It was featured on the soundtrack and in it, he raps “She be hopin’ that I take a knee like Kaepernick, yes.” In that song, Kaep's name is also replaced by a pause.

A boycott might be brewing because fans ain’t happy about it:

They need to put some respeck on Kaepernick’s name!

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