Fox’s top show is back!

9-1-1 will return this fall, and a new face will be in the operator’s seat. Jennifer Love Hewitt is stepping in for Connie Britton on the Ryan Murphy show, as the latter had a one-year deal to complete.

The new procedural drama explores the high-pressure experiences of police officers, paramedics and firefighters thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations. These emergency responders must try to balance saving those who are at their most vulnerable with solving the problems in their own lives. The provocative series stars Angela Bassett, Peter Krause and Hewitt along with Aisha Hinds, Rockmond Dunbar, Oliver Stark and Kenneth Choi.

In a prior statement, Fox Television Group chairpersons and CEOs Gary Newman and Dana Walden said, “With a bold concept, award-winning stars and a flawless execution, Ryan, Brad and Tim have done it again. They have tapped into the cultural zeitgeist and reimagined the procedural as only they could, bringing it to life with a dream team of actors led by Angela, Peter and Connie. This is storytelling at its best, and we’re so pleased that it’s resonated with our audience. We’d like to thank everyone involved with this production for their stellar work, and we look forward to another thrilling season of 9-1-1.”

Watch the preview below. The show will air Monday nights.