As a former member of the Keating 5 on the ABC legal thriller How To Get Away Murder and a card-carrying member of the Harry Potter film franchise, Alfred Enoch is no stranger to the twists and turns abound in the film and TV game.

Following the death of his former How To Get Away With Murder character Wes Gibbons, word has come that Enoch has been cast in another television drama.

Enoch is set to replace Jodie Whittaker (set to star as the new doctor in Doctor Who) in the BBC drama Trust Me. The British actor is set to portray Jamie McCain, a corporal recovering from a spinal injury that has left him temporarily paralyzed. While recuperating at Glasgow Hospital, McCain faces another insidious force as the patients around him start dying off suddenly. Trust Me, created and written by Dan Sefton, will be executive produced  by Nicola Shindler and produced by John Alexander. Enoch’s casting in the BBC drama is ideal, given that he is seemingly at ease in the thriller genre.

“It’s great to be on board, it’s a cracking cast and Dan has done a great job crafting something that’s really invested in the characters. It has a psychological  concern that is dark and thrilling. I cant wait to get started.,” said Enoch.

Trust Me is expected to air on BBC next year.