Two All American: Homecoming stars will no longer be series regulars as the show has confirmed the stars who are returning, including two others who may have their episodes scaled back as well.

This was expected as the show’s renewal for season 3 at The CW was contingent upon budget cuts that would impact the show’s ensemble cast of series regulars.

According to Deadline, Peyton Alex Smith and Kelly Jenrette will not be returning to the CW series as regulars next season. Instead, they will more than likely be reduced to recurring roles. Deadline specifically reported that Jenrette’s team decided on the recurring option rather than having Jenrette remain a regular with limited episodes.

This means that Geffri Maya, Sylvester Powell, Netta Walker, Mitchell Edwards, Rhoyle Ivy King and Cory Hardrict are all returning as series regulars. However, Deadline notes that King and Hardrict have reduced episodic guarantees, so they may be in fewer episodes despite being regulars.

There is one series regular who is still a question mark– Camille Hyde. Right now, it is unclear if she will return and if it would be as a series regular or not.

The CW‘s budgetary concerns come as the network has been acquired by Nextstar, which has set a plan to make CW more profitable by “switching to lower-cost–largely acquired and co-productions–scripted programming,” according to Deadline. Nextstar also made clear that many of the existing scripted series on the network won’t stick around due to how their expenses don’t fit into the new model.

As previously reported, several shows have been canceled, but thankfully All American: Homecoming and All American were able to remain. However, while All American’s renewal was part of Nextstar’s acquisition deal, the spinoff was only able to remain by agreeing to budget cuts.