The final scene of Sunday’s Euphoria has left many people scratching their heads or going back to their conspiracy boards to prove Rue is dead (we still believe she’s not). In terms of narrative, we believe this is just a special music video of sorts, while others think it has deeper meaning concerning the plot.

As we reported, after relapsing, Rue collapses on her bed. But afterward, a trippy sequence (set to series composer Labrinth and Zendaya’s song of “All For Us”) occurs, with Rue rising back up, stumbling disoriented down the hall and towards her family (including her dead father), and is sucked into a chorus of people wearing red.

Rue herself is also wearing red, which led us down an interesting path: what if we mashed-up this scene with Jordan Peele’s Us? Of course, there’s the obvious connection with the color red, but there’s also Rue’s jerky movements, similar to that of Red (Lupita Nyong’o) and the Tethered. There’s also the fact that in a metatextual sense, Rue is tethered to her own addictions. The result is something that we think Jordan Peele would be proud of.


Euphoria returns for Season 2 in 2020.



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