Angelica Ross is sorely missed from her role as Candy on FX’s Pose, but the actress and activist is firmly within the Ryan Murphy television family.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ross will return to Murphy’s world of horror in American Horror Story: Double Feature, cementing her spot as one of the many revolving players in Murphy’s horror anthology after her 2019 role in American Horror Story: 1984.

She said that Murphy wants her to wear her natural hair for her upcoming AHS role, which struck Ross in a positive way.

“Ryan Murphy requested that I wear my natural hair. That’s why I feel the most beautiful in this role,” she said to Entertainment Weekly. “They are doing things with my natural hair that just really affirms me as a Black woman and I think is going to affirm other Black women who watch the show that see characters who don’t wear wigs and who wear natural hair textures–and short hair at that. I think it’s going to be beautiful, and I can’t wait for the audience to see it.”

She teased that American Horror Story: Double Feature will be “legendary,” teasing that she might be playing several characters at the same time.

“My initial reaction was, ‘Oh, OK. So not just every season I get to be somebody different, but now I’m probably going to be somebody different all at once,” she said, adding that after reading part of the script, she realized that her role in Double Feature “is my favorite role next to Candy.”

She also said that she will be working on several other Murphy projects, saying “I am going to be busy all year.” While she could give any details on what those projects are, her roles are paving a bigger path for other trans actors to be visible on television.