Kadianne Whyte is one of the newcomers to this season of Starz’s BMF, playing Angel a, love interest to series lead Meech (Demetrius Flenory).

When she received the script, despite not knowing much about the role, she dove in head-first. “I was really excited about the chance to audition for the role and I tried my best to connect with the character, with as little information as I knew about her,” she told Blavity’s Shadow and Act in an interview. “I didn’t think I’d gotten the role because some time had passed before I heard anything, but I was shocked and happy to be part of the cast once it was confirmed I booked the gig.”

The love affair between Meech and Angel is an unexpected one. At first, he’s interested in her based on her beauty. But he learns they have a lot in common because of their tough upbringings. “There’s a few life or death situations they both find themselves in,” Whyte warns. “It happens pretty fast. They lean on each other throughout the season to get each other out of a few sticky situations.”

While Meech’s brother Terry has been the lover boy of the franchise, Season 3 marks the first time viewers see Meech in a true relationship. His previous dealings with women have been no strings attached. As for what makes Angel different to Meech, Whyte says it’s because they have similar upbringings. “It’s funny because Meech has always made fun of Terry for running to his women, and now he’s doing the same thing. So this season, we see Terry tease Meech for being sprung,” Whyte said. “I think he sees something special in Angel. He wants to help her and bring out the best for him. They also make a good team in the end.”

Who plays Angel in ‘BMF’?

Whyte has had other roles in shows like P-Valley and Greenleaf. But BMF is her biggest to date. “I’d love to continue being part of this universe, whether it’s a Power spinoff or a different spinoff. I think this role shows my range and what I can do as an actress,” she said. “I also have a dance and martial arts background. It would be cool to be able to leverage this role into something else where I can tap into those skills. I was able to use my dance skills in this role a bit. But there’s so much more that I know I can do.”