As the curtains draw on the Season 3 of BMF, some viewers may be excited for more while also questioning what lies ahead for the Flenory family

In previous interviews at the top of the season, key cast members like Demetrius “Lil Meech ” Flenory, Da’Vinchi, and Russell Hornsby spoke about a heavy emphasis on family and what happens when division comes into place. On the contrary, newcomers like Ne-Yo, Saweetie, and more opened up about their experience in joining the show and the personal struggles and triumphs of their characters.

The season finale brings it all together, intertwining messaging around family wins, and challenges in true BMF fashion.

Let’s delve into the finale’s intricacies and unravel its storytelling layers.

How does the 'BMF' Season 3 finale begin?

The finale opens with the BMF gang jump-starting their plans to take over the city of Atlanta with key tactics in place to outmaneuver their Atlanta opponents. Much like past seasons where the characters experience triumph during times of adversity, this season’s finale is no different as it speaks to the resourcefulness and resilience of the Flenory brothers, Terry and Meech.

However, like any victory, when you put blood on your hands in the street world, it comes at a cost.

Does Henri die in 'BMF'?

The core of BMF is family and while the series is centered around the rise and fall of the Flenory brothers, this season shines a light on various family dynamics one in particular that is highlighted in season three is the relationship between Henrietta (Ren King) and her father, former narcotics detective-turned-kingpin, Frank “Blaze” Andreas (Christoper B. Duncan).

Prior to the finale, viewers await Andreas’ decision when it comes to choosing the business or his daughter, but there’s a huge plot twist when Henri takes her father out before ultimately going to jail and dying at the hands of another inmate… all while the Flenory brothers are plotting on how to take them out.


Are Lucille and Charles divorced now?

Since the show’s inception, viewers have witnessed the demise of the relationship between Lucille and Charles Flenory and the impact its had on their children.

Halfway through the series finale, there’s a dinner scene in which the couple finalizes their divorce by signing the papers as the camera cuts to their daughter Nicole (Laila Pruitt) crying on the staircase.

Shortly after, Lucille finds herself looking to start a new chapter, however, that is cut short when she learns that her new suitor has been lying about an engagement.

Ultimately, she makes the conscious decision to focus on a future as the assistant pastor of her church and making God the only man in her life.

Deion Sanders' son, Shilo, portrays him in 'BMF'

Before the episode wraps, Meech and Terry attend Angel’s (Kadianne Whyte) final night at the strip club where they run into Deion Sanders, portrayed by his son Shilo Sanders, where he gives them advice on the game not being one rooted in love.

Will be 'BMF' Season 4 be in Mexico?

As the season ends, viewers are left with lingering questions as Demetrius and Terry look toward an international takeover, finding themselves in a new country, attempting to break their kingpin out of prison.

“Although me and Meech had our differences, one thing for sure was that bro made every day a motherf**king adventure and little did we know we was ’bout to go on the wildest, most dangerous rides of our lives,” said Terry to conclude the episode.

Season 4 has officially been confirmed by Starz so fans can anticipate things picking up where they left off soon, perhaps still in Mexico.