Tubi is branching out to the BBC as the streaming service prepares to launch BBC’s coming-of-age series, Boarders, in North America.

The streamer has announced that it will exclusively launch the series following a deal with All3Media International.

The series is written by BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Daniel Lawrence Taylor and focuses on “five talented Black teenagers from inner-city London as they navigate life at an elite boarding school,” according to the official synopsis. The characters are not just at any boarding school, but “one of Britain’s oldest and most prestigious schools, St. Gilberts.”

The series stars Josh Tedeku, Jodie Campbell, Myles Kamwendo and in their screen debuts, Seku Diaby and Aruna Jalloh. Taylor will also star as well as Derek Riddell, Niky Wardley, Harry Gilby, Tallulah Greive, Rosie Graham, Georgina Sadler and, in her screen debut, Assa Kanoute. Ethosheia Ylton and Sarmad Masud direct.

Taylor will also executive produce with Studio Lambert’s Madeline Sinclair and Susan Hogg as well as the BBCs’s Nawfal Faizullah and Ayela Butt. The series will debut during the first quarter of 2024.

Tubi’s vice president of content acquisitions and partnerships, Sam Harowitz, called the new relationship between Tubi and the BBC an exciting one.

“We’re excited to be bringing Boarders to audiences in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and across LATAM as we continue to offer a variety of global programming at Tubi,” he said. “At Tubi, we’re dedicated to telling compelling stories from all over the world and we know our highly engaged viewers will love the world and characters that Daniel has created just s much as we do.”

Taylor also added, “I’m beyond excited that Tubi is bringing Boarders to North America. This is a quintessentially British coming of age school show with big universal themes of belonging, achievement, first crushes, forging friendships, and awkward sexual encounters that will hit home as hard for the North American audiences as it does for us Brits.”

“It is jam-packed with exciting new talent both in front of and behind the camera,” he continued, “and is filled with humour, pathos, and straight up joy. I know the Tubi audience will love watching it as much as I loved creating it.”

Sally Habbershaw, executive vice president of the Americas branch of ALL3Media International also added, “Tubi is the ideal partner for this fantastic original comedy drama, and this agreement will ensure Boarders reaches a huge corner of the global market. Boarders showcases a wealth of brilliant new talent and brings to life a contemporary comedy of manners with a lot of heart.”