Drunk History has been on a roll lately with their focus on Black American figures. This time around, Brian Tyree Henry relates the story of how Sam Cooke came up with his iconic Civil Rights song, “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

The video, which also features a cameo by Amber Ruffin, who plays Cooke’s “amazing wife Barbara,” gives a quick and hilarious rundown of Cooke’s irritation with Bob Dylan and his run-in with Jim Crow laws down south that led to the creation of his famous song. The video also highlights the amount of tragedy and bad luck that seemed to follow Cooke, from being upstaged by The Beatles to the fateful night that led to his death.

Recently, a 2013 clip from the Comedy Central series was reposted for Juneteenth. It highlighted Black millionaire Mary Ellen Pleasant in a segment starring Lisa Bonet.


WATCH: Lisa Bonet Is A Boss In ‘Drunk History’ Episode About 1800s Millionaire Mary Ellen Pleasant


Photo: Comedy Central