All Jokes Aside: Black Women In Comedy | Original Documentary
“All Jokes Aside: Black Women in Comedy” | Original Documentary

To celebrate Black Women in Comedy Week (did you know?), VH1 has released a new documentary called “All Jokes Aside” which follows leading comediennes including Tichina Arnold, Amanda Seales, Luenell, Tiffany Haddish, Yvonne Orji, and more as they share the ups and downs of being comedians who also happen to be black women. From racism, sexism, the lack of representation and opportunity, and other obstacles, viewers discover what makes their lives as Black comediennes tough work.

As Luenell states in the doc: “Comedians are already sort of the last renegade entertainers, and the female comic is almost invisible. The female black comic, they just don’t focus on us at all.”

Despite the unfair disadvantages they each face, each is still very much determined to continue to blaze their own trails to success in the business, giving credit to those who came before them, who had an even more difficult time as they broke down barriers in the realm of stand-up comedy, television, and film, opening doors for these younger black women comedians of today, creating their own opportunities.

VH1 is honoring these women as they continue to mark strides in Hollywood, influencing and inspiring others, and the world.

Check out the enlightening and entertaining full short documentary “All Jokes Aside” (it’s just over 22 minutes long) below: