Chadwick Boseman‘s wife Simone Ledward-Boseman paid tribute to her husband with a performance of “I’ll Be Seeing You” during the Stand Up to Cancer televised fundraiser Saturday.

Ledward-Boseman, a classically-trained vocalist, sang with her a jazz band from her alma mater, California State Polytechnic University, during the event’s remembrance of Boseman, who died of colon cancer in 2020.

Anthony Anderson, who hosted the event, talked about what it has been like to reckon with Boseman’s passing, which came as a shock to a public who was unaware of his years-long battle with the illness.

“The world lost an incredible artist and a true hero. But before he was a public figure, he was a person like you or me–a son, a brother, uncle, cousin, friend, colleague, husband,” he said, as reported by The Grio. “Many of us are all too familiar with the fracture a dearly loved one’s passing leaves in the lives of those who love them.”

Other co-stars of Boseman’s, including Danai Gurira, Paul Rudd, and Chris Evans, were on hand to pay tribute to Boseman during the event.

As Shadow and Act reported Friday, Stand Up to Cancer announced ahead of the fundraiser how colon cancer is affecting Black people. The organization said colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death among men and women in the U.S. Black people are 20 percent mroe likely to be diagnosed with the illness and 40 percent more likely to die from it. Colorectal cancer is beatable in 90 percent of cases if it is caught early enough with routine screenings and early detection.