Fallon and Felisha King have carved out their own path since splitting from their two other sisters with their group Cherish. After hits like “Do It To It” and “Unappreciated,” the sisters part ways, with Fallon and Felisha, the twins, continuing the grind. They found success behind the scenes, penning songs for artists like Tamar Braxton and Chris Brown.

But they never gave up their love of performing. So when the chance to get back on stage was presented, they took action. Little did they know, it would be in the form of an experiment. The twins are currently participating in BET Presents: The Encore. The Carlos King-produced reality series follows them and other acts from successful girl groups try to come together as one supergroup, produce an album, and prepare a showstopping performance—all within 30 days. 

Still, they thought it could be a good idea. “For us, we do have our success outside of the show and everything, but we wanted to do it for our fans,” Felisha tells Shadow and Act in a recent interview. “We thought it was very important for them to see us and to see what we’ve been up to. To even see other women, that went through what we went through – how girl groups break up and really just learn about the music industry period because I don’t think a lot of people have actually spilled that tea.”

But upon entering the house and seeing who their new bandmates are, the twins are less than impressed…and scared, to say the least. If it’s one thing you can count on Fallon and Felisha to do, it’s speaking their minds. In the debut episode, you see the twins go toe to toe with several women in the house over creative differences. They’re even more vocal, and slightly shady, in their individual confessional interviews about their opinions on the girls. 

Whether it’s about their age or lack of skills vocally or dance-wise, the Cherish twins will give their opinion. But they insist it’s coming from a good place and they’re used to being able to be brutally honest with one another, so it’s only natural for them to do the same in this situation. 

“It’s two of us so it’s a fair but unfair advantage,” Fallon says. “We’re sisters and we were in a group with our sisters and we’ve always been able to speak our mind and it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, you’re angry’ or ‘Oh, you’re frustrated,’ and it’s something that we’re used to that a lot of the other girls just weren’t ready for.”

Despite the hiccups and disagreements, the sisters promise things get better. Overall, they want to prove that Black women can work together. “It’s important for people to see the dynamic of Black women in the music industry,” Felisha notes. “Black women as businesswomen. It’s a male-dominated industry and you’re going to get a lot of conversations about how that affected every last one of us.”

BET Presents: The Encore airs every Wednesday on BET at 10 pm EST. Check out the full interview with Fallon and Felisha King on more drama in the house, why they wanted to split the house into two groups and more.