Chicago Fire‘s Eamonn Walker, an original cast member, is exiting his series regular role as Battalion Chief Wallace Boden after 12 seasons.

Deadline exclusively reported the news and states that the decision was voluntary amidst recent cast changes within the One Chicago universe

Although Walker is leaving his series regular duties, the character is “very much alive,” with plans for Walker to return at some point in a recurring role.

The finale’s logline hints at Boden’s pivotal decision affecting the Deputy Commissioner race and the emotional challenges faced by characters Carver and Damon. “Boden makes a decision that impacts the race for Deputy Commissioner. A tense call brings up painful memories for Carver [Jake Lockett] and Damon [Michael Bradway]. Mouch [Christian Stolte] struggles to adjust to the new Truck,” the logline reads.

Boden’s character has evolved significantly throughout the show, starting as the Chief of Battalion 25 and progressing to Deputy District Chief. Currently eyeing the Deputy Fire Commissioner role, Boden’s potential promotion could shift dynamics within the series, possibly reducing Walker’s screen time.

Apart from Chicago Fire, the veteran actors is known for roles in Oz, ER, and Cadillac Records.

Of course, Walker’s departure from the show marks a significant transition for Chicago Fire, leaving fans intrigued about the show’s future dynamics.