BET+ has dropped the trailer and announced the premiere date for their new series starring Kevin “KevOnStage” Fredericks. The eight-episode original series, Churchy, will premiere on Feb. 15.

The official sereis description for Churcy:

CHURCHY follows the life of Corey Carr Jr. (Fredericks) as it takes an unexpected turn when he’s bypassed for leadership of his father’s mega-church. Determined to prove his worth, Corey packs up his dreams and heads to middle-of-nowhere Lubbock, Texas, with lofty ambitions to build his own ministry from the ground up. After quickly stumbling upon the realization that small-town church life is an entirely different ball game, Corey slowly accepts that the path to spiritual leadership might just be funnier and more profound than any sermon could ever teach.

The series is written by Fredricks, Sydney Castillo, and Richard A. Washington, with Irin “Iroc” Daniels directing the series. Fredericks is joined by castmates Anthony Elfoniza, Lexi Allen, London Solomon, Mark J. P. Hood, and Shani Shockley in the project. 

The series is executive produced by Kevin Fredericks, Melissa Fredericks, and Jason Fredericks for KevOnStage Studios and, as well as LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Jamal Henderson and Lezlie Wills for The SpringHill Company. Brely Evans and Richard A. Washington serve as producers on the original series. 


KevOnStage stars as Corey Carr II, “a relatively young + charismatic preacher who’s been groomed his entire life to be pastor. Best known for creatively weaving real world information into Bible messages and going viral all the time. He’s the son of Bishop Corey Carr Sr. and he can’t fathom not taking over his Dad’s church. After all, it’s what he was born to do.”

Elfonzia is Pastor Stinney, “the current reluctant pastor of Bethlehem Temple. The many years of ministry have worn on him and he’s ready for a change.”

Allen is Mother Jean, the “leader of the mother’s board. She’s the supreme protector of the Bethlehem Temple. In its heyday (1983-1996) it was the absolute church to be. She was one of the founding members of the church when it was first built in 1970. She’s the late Bishop’s wife, therefore, more protective of his (the church’s) legacy. With every change, a piece of her husband’s memory is removed.”

Solomon is Jojo, “the only person under 50 that regularly attends Bethlehem Temple and it’s because his grandma forces him too. Gen Z in every way. If he thinks it’s cool the other kids in the area will too.”

Hood is Rodney Joseph, “Corey’s hilarious and outspoken best friend from back home. The only one he can talk to about all this craziness. He’s also in ministry. An award-winning musician, he’s found success in his own right.”

And Shockley is Keisha Charles, Corey’s fiance who is “a church girl through and through. In the same way Corey has been groomed to be a pastor she’s been preparing to be a First Lady. But she has her own dreams too.”

Watch the trailer below: