Double Cross is back for more drama and intrigue on ALLBLK.

The series is heading into its fifth season, and in the Season 5 trailer, fans can get a glimpse as to what happens after twins Erica and Eric Cross learn the secret about their father. According to ALLBLK:

On the heels of the shocking revelation of the identity of their true biological father in last season’s finale, the vigilante “Wonder Twins” are back! Ashley A. Williams and Jeff Logan reprise their roles as crime-fighters Erica and Eric Cross, respectively, and continue their crusade against child trafficking no matter the cost. This season the Cross crew is faced with a case hitting extremely close to home, as Eric’s newborn son is kidnapped. Meanwhile the twins discover a bus full of elementary school children has mysteriously vanished. With the stakes higher than ever it will take a village to get everyone home safe.

Darrin Dewitt Henson, Jasmine Brown, Judi Johnson, Redaric Williams, Faith Malonte and Candice Van Beauty return as cast members. The series will also feature Eric Roberts and Zimzon Zion as special guest stars.

Double Cross‘ fifth season premieres Jan. 18. Check out the exclusive trailer below