The cast for the third season of Drag Race France has been revealed!

Hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Nicky Doll, Drag Race France brings 10 more queens to the werk room to compete for the chance to be named France’s newest drag superstar. The queens includes Afrodite Amour, Edeha Noire, Le Filip, Leona Winter, Lula Strega, Magnetica, Misty Phoenix, Norma Bell, Perseo and Ruby on the Nail. Actress and TV host Daphné Bürkiand and LGBTQ+ activist and DJ Kiddy Smile will also return as judges.

This season, the mini and maxi challenges are described as being “as difficult as ever and will test the queens’ charisma, uniqueness, talent and nerve.” This year, a new addition, the Nickyphone, will ring several times this season to give the contestants “surprise challenges.” Another new addition, The Winner’s Frame, will feature the winner of each week framed in the Werk Room, sure to stir up drama and controversy. The premiere episode, Olympic Queens, will also support the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Drag Race France will come to WOW Presents Plus later this year.

Check out the full details of the queens below.

Afrodite Amour 

(IG: @afroditeamour) 

Afrodite Amour, originally from Guadeloupe, started doing drag only a year ago after discovering RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2016. She created an original drag persona mixing West Indian culture, and her charisma and passion for fashion. Her name, Afrodite Amour, is a reference to Greek mythology with a strong personal touch with its spelling “AFRO” that proudly claims her Black identity. Bank manager by day and drag queen by night, she quickly conquered the Lyon scene and performed in Grenoble and Paris. Her commitment to self acceptance and diversity is at the heart of all her stunning performances, proving her determination and passion for this art form.

Edeha Noire 

(IG: @the.edeha.noire) 

Edeha Noire, a true cornerstone of the Lyon queer scene, personifies an eccentric and political drag, joyfully mixing glam and drama. A child of artists, she now shares her knowledge through beginner classes for performance and drag makeup. The Mother of a big drag family in Lyon, she created the collective “Les pleureuses” (The Tearfuls) in 2023 and currently tours in shows all over France. After major health issues, her resilience and generosity are found in her drag and reflect her creative style with a feminine touch. 

Le Filip 

(IG: @le_filip) 

Le Filip, originally from Croatia, started her drag career 10 years ago. After creating her first drag festival with her family “House of Flamingo” she moved to Paris and joined the “Haus of Morue” and immersed herself in the exciting nightlife of the capital. Despite the challenges of homophobia in her home country, Le Filip fights prejudices with determination. Known for her glamor, sharp humor and extravagant performances, she became an icon of the Paris drag scene. From resident of the “Je t’aime Party” to her own standup comedy show “Femme Pathologique” (Pathological Woman), and hosting some of the biggest queer parties, Le Filip has shined on many stages, spreading a message of acceptance, joy and humor through her art. 

Leona Winter 

(IG: @leonawinterofficiel) 

Leona Winter, from Catalonia, was born in Céret 29 years ago and now lives in Narbonne after living in Paris for a few years. For the past 12 years, she has been an emblematic figure of French drag, performing throughout Europe and worldwide. Her journey in the drag scene helped her get over her shyness, leading her to prestigious international stages like Miss EU Continental 2017, Miss Latina Continental 2018 and “The Switch 2: Desafio Mundial” in Chile, where she won the title of most influential queen of the year and as a result got to tour the US and South America. A very talented Drag Queen, her singing led her to represent France in the first season of “Queen of the Universe.”

Lula Strega 

(IG: @lula.strega) 

Lula Strega grew up in Marseille before discovering drag through RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Parisian drag scene when she moved there 4 years ago. Two and a half years ago, she left her cinema studies to be a full time drag queen and perform on different stages around the country. Lula is a bucolic, bewitching queen. A star of the stage, she loves to make people’s minds travel by telling stories with captivating “mise en scene.” Her drag name is a reference to the movie Sailor and Lula by David Lynch, a director she admires. Strega means witch in Italian, a nod to her roots.


(IG: @mmmagnetica) 

A French-Bolivian queen living in Paris, Magnetica shakes the drag scene of the capital. She takes inspiration from the Club Kid movement and her childhood heroes, to play with gender and different forms in her drag. A finalist of the Drag Me UP competition, her audacious style and striking humor captivates the audience. She started drag 2 years ago, after discovering the art through RuPaul’s Drag Race. She explores its different forms through being ultra graphic and surprising, always pushing the limit of the art. Used to the Parisian stages, you can find her in many drag shows and emblematic cabarets as a performer and host. 

Misty Phoenix 

(IG: @misty_phoenix_) 

At 23, Misty Phoenix conquered the French drag scene in only two and half years. Her passion comes directly from her parents, who organized shows where everyone was dressing up as a celebrity. Her father, very involved in her art, adds his own special touch to her performances by creating accessories and motorized pieces for her. With training at the dance conservatory, Misty mixes her energy and her creativity to become a dynamic performer, one that seems to be out of comics books. Her name, Misty Phoenix, mixes the Marvel Universe and Greek mythology, symbolizing both renaissance and transformation. In the last 2 years, she has made a mark on the Parisian scene by winning season 3 of Drag Me UP and joining many drag shows in Paris. 

Norma Bell 

(IG: @normabelloff) 

Norma Bell discovered drag in 2019 when moving to Paris from her native Reunion Island. From her beginnings, she captivated audiences with her charisma and stage presence, locking in her showgirl status. She very quickly got to perform on many Parisian stages including Drag Me UP, Brunch and Queens and Kingchefs and Dragqueen, where she met her new family. Her drag name is a subtle pun that mixes societal norms and the beauty of the art of drag, with a touch of humor with references to bells. A professional makeup artist, Norma displays her intensive and eclectic drag through consistently detailed looks. 


(IG: @dragperseo) 

At 21, Perso is the youngest queen of this season. Originally from the Canary Islands, she discovered drag at 6 years old thanks to the famously renowned Gala Drag Queen de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – where she also met her future drag mother. She chose the name Perseo in homage to the star constellation. Passionate about dance, she was admitted into the prestigious Dance School of the Opera de Paris at 15 and moved to Paris to pursue her career. As a drag artist, Perseo sees her art as an ode to freedom of expression, mixing Canaria Island and Paris influences for unique and captivating performances. 

Ruby On The Nail 

(IG: @ruby_onthenail) 

Born in Marseille, Ruby started her drag journey in 2017 in Paris as a way to express her femininity. She was inspired by her two older sisters, and an unexpected passion for the stage. With this love for performance, she fast tracked through the Parisian queer stages where she shined as a host and performer, particularly in the lipsync art that she mastered to perfection. She created her own bi-weekly drag show “La Boîte à Bijoux,” that recently celebrated its 60th edition! Ruby describes herself as a pretty, zany and rebellious drag queen, embodying an unique mix of extravagance, beauty and comedy that causes her to be a force and bring joy daily.