This week’s episode, “Cupid Painted Blind,” jumps right into the effect of Jamal sucker punching the love of his life, Warren. He now has a warrant out for his arrest. But the big issue here is actually the Lyon family’s fear that Jamal will start popping pills and drinking heavily, again. He eventually picks up the bottle, but passes on the pills, which is fair in my eyes. Homeboy needed something to help him get over the intimate deceit.

The family is also gathered because they are worried about the fate of Andre. Diana DuBois has taken down Hakeem and Jamal effortlessly, so the assumption is that Andre will be next. Later, they discover, via a confession from Warren, that Andre isn’t next, he’s now. Diana had his doctor supplying him the wrong medicine. We knew this a few episodes ago, but here is where we see the effects the incorrect medicine has on Andre — and it’s a doozy!

You know the new love of Andre’s life, Detective Pamela Rose? Turns out she isn’t real! Her entire being was a figment of his imagination, presumably caused by the medication his doctor has been serving him. Arguably the biggest shock of the entire season, I found it to also be really bizarre. Empire is a show that takes the drama so close to the edge that it almost becomes silly. When the editors cut to the flashbacks of all the times Andre was “with” Pamela, I couldn’t help but laugh at him arguing with, kissing and sexing thin air.

There was a scene where Thirsty was spying on Andre out at lunch “with Pamela.” Did he not see anything? The way he described the scene to Lucious, you would think he saw Pam, too …

The entire season, thus far, is now definitely worth a rewatch, just to follow the ghost of Detective Pamela. Maybe we were given clues along the way?

This episode is largely focused on the Lyon kids. Unlike past episodes, where Andre usually gets the short end of the storyline fun, this week’s victim is Hakeem. His role in the episode is minor, but significant in two instances.

For one, Hakeem turns out to be the key to helping Jamal work through the lost of Warren in his life. He shows up at his brother’s house carrying a ton of junk food to binge on, persuades him to stop drinking life away and remixes “Love Is a Drug,” removing Warren’s vocal and giving the song a bunch of edge, with a rap and new production. It’s all terribly corny, but the scene has heart.

Secondly, he gets tips from Shine about how to juggle his life with Tiana, baby Bella and Anika. The shady producer takes Hakeem on a field trip to his baby mamas’ house. Two of the three are apparently friends. It’s horrible, hood advice, but positive intent was there. Plus, it was nice seeing a softer side of Shine, in the midst of his zoo of children.

Next week is the winter finale. We made it!

What will Cookie and Lucious do to help Andre with his delusions? I always thought they were too hard on his condition, but having an entire imaginary girlfriend is admittedly a lot. This show sure does know how to make a sexy person not as desirable, anymore.

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Will Jamal let Warren back into his life? I’m thinking a strong “yes.”

And is Hakeem planning to get Anika and Tiana together for a girlfriend/baby mama truce? I smell drama on that front.

Also, Thirsty honestly kind of carried this episode. Props to him for being the glue that keeps the Lyon family together.