Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves were recently overseas living their best lives at Paris Fashion Week, and one fan got the opportunity to get up close to the Atlanta-bred rapper during their time in France.

In a widely circulated clip, a man captures Lil Baby and Cheaves on camera, and the rapper, adorned in an all-black outfit accompanied with bright green boots, takes notice and briefly poses for the video. Immediately afterward, the man says “Baby gets rich” before essentially giving the rapper a song request.

“Next album, play the same song like ‘Close Friends,'” the Parisian fan said before briefly singing a verse from the track.

Lil Baby partnered up with Gunna for “Close Friends” back in 2018, and the heartfelt song was incorporated on the rappers’ collaborative Drip Harder album. The music video was filmed in France during Lil Baby’s first-ever trip to Paris and featured Cheaves.


Since then, Lil Baby has skyrocketed to success, as he dropped a well-received album with Lil Durk last year and another beloved project titled My Turn in 2020. He was notably even named Male Rapper of the Year by XXL in January.

While the European fan was focused on shouting out his favorite Lil Baby song, the rapper and Cheaves have mainly been trending because of their stunning Paris Fashion Week looks. As Blavity previously reported, this hip-hop power couple has been turning heads with their jaw-dropping getups, including a pair of futuristic Balenciaga outfits that earned Kanye West’s praise.

“Love this fit, @lilbaby. This the future Jordorowsky Incal Turrell Year,” Kanye wrote on Instagram.

“I ask you to ask yourselves where are we going? It’s 2022. How do we look, how do we feel, what do we eat, where do we live, how do we communicate who are we, and how do we design our world to be the best we?” he cryptically added.