Are Summer Walker and Lil Meech dating? Some of their staunchest fans appear to believe they are, with die-hards turning into internet sleuths and starting to piece potential clues together.

Walker recently posted a photograph of herself sitting in the passenger seat of a Lamborghini with a blue interior. Fans quickly pointed out Lil Meech owns a similar car. Others also mentioned a phone with a pink case, which the actor/rapper never goes without.

Fans also speculated whether the pair were spotted together at an event. In a video uploaded to social media, Lil Meech is seen coming up near the camera before a woman in a pink face mask shortly follows behind. Fans believe the woman is none other than Summer Walker.

“The internet detectives work harder at solving mysteries and crime than the real police do,” a fan joked on Twitter.

“Whoever figured out lil Meech and Summer Walker was tg really messy & nosey,” another fan and Twitter user tweeted.

Some fans also believe Lil Meech recently gave a clue about his relationship status. A photograph of himself with a woman surfaced online.

“This two years ago. Summer is mine,” he replied.

The speculations don’t convince some fans.

“These are two different cars; look at the radios,” someone tweeted.

“Y’all have too much time on y’all hands because of the reflection? are y’all serious 😭,” another user wrote.


Only time will tell whether the rumor is true.