Marvel fans are up in arms over Riri Williams’ hair in Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron.

The Disney XD/DisneyNOW hour-long special, which premieres this year, features Williams (voiced by Sofia Wylie) joining the Marvel Rising team. However, even though Williams has thicker, curlier hair in the comic books, she’s featured with straighter hair and a decidedly less Afrocentric look. If anything, the animated Riri looks more like Kamala Khan or America Chavez than Riri from the comics.

For non-Marvel fans, Riri Williams aka Ironheart is a teenage, MIT-educated superheroine and protege of Tony Stark who takes over the Iron Man mantle.

People took to the interwebs to voice their ire. Many folks wrote about how the image change could hurt Black girls’ self-image.

How do you feel about Riri’s look?


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