Faces, the new film from British-Nigerian director Joseph a. Adesunloye have released new material from their collaboration with the New Portals. The video is for their brand-new single ‘Inch’ which is the official theme song for the forthcoming feature film. ‘Inch’ features exclusive footage from the film which scheduled for release later in the year. Faces is a multi-narrative film set across four storylines that follow a group of characters as their lives begin to unravel.

The movie features Terry Pheto, Shingai Shoniwa, Aki Omoshaybi, Suzette Llewellyn and Matthieu Charneau.

Regarding ‘Inch’ and Faces, director Joseph a. Adesunloye says, “I was both honoured and excited to work on this project, most of all I think people will find it relevant to their lives and that has to be the most important achievement that all the people who have poured themselves into this project can hope for. I believe ‘Inch’ captures the mood of the film beautifully and I am very proud to have it as the official soundtrack.”

Check out the footage and images below:

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