nullThis Friday, making his first appearance on NBC’s new series adaptation of DC Comics’ "Hellblazer" graphic novels, will be immortal Vodun shaman, Papa Midnite, as played by *relative unknown* Michael James Shaw, in what could be his highest profile role yet!

nullCentered on John Constantine, a master of the occult, who’s haunted by his past, but finds himself suddenly called upon to defend humanity from the gathering forces of darkness, Welsh actor Matt Ryan plays the title role.

You’ll recall the 2005 feature film based on the comic, which starred Keanu Reeves. And if you’ve seen that film, you’ll also remember that Djimon Hounsou co-starred, playing Midnite, Constantine’s old adversary, who eventually teams up with him to fight evil; although, not being too familiar with the comic, my research tells me that their relationship is kind of rocky. 
Apparently, it’s supposed to be a big part in the NBC TV series. The character even received his very own comic special (see the cover below). 

Harold Perrineau also co-stars in the series, playing Manny, an authoritative angel who has the power to step into other people’s bodies, and who’s assigned to watch over Constantine.

Charles Halford and Angélica Celaya also are cast members.

Just 2 episodes into the season, the new series is averaging over 3.6 million viewers per episode. Have you been watching? If so, thoughts?

NBC has released a preview of the upcoming Papa Midnite intro episode, which is embedded below: