Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves have set the room on fire with their latest TikTok video revealing the couple may have reconciled again.

Fans are speculating that Saweetie is being petty and has responded to the news via an Instagram story post, letting everyone know she sent Lil Baby back to the streets.

Cheaves had been in Mexico for a couple of days with friends before being spotted with Lil baby. Over the weekend, she posted a TikTok video of the two dancing to "Bitcoin" by YungManny with a caption, "lol he such a good learner." 

Before the vacation, Cheaves and the Quality Control (QC) rapper had pulled the plug and even faced a triangular love moment after the "We Paid" rapper was spotted on a shopping spree with Saweetie. Furthermore, Saweetie wasn't shy about the "secret" rendezvous-she posted pictures of herself sitting on Lil Baby's lap in the store, and fans were quick to piece the two together.

The QC rapper quickly shut that rumor down and took to Twitter to dispel the reports.

"Baby not dating NO ONE!! I'm Single!" the 26-year-old artist tweeted.

Following the Lil Baby and Saweetie dating rumors, Cheaves spoke with Hollywood Unlock about her already knowing of the $100,000 shopping spree and explained she and Lil Baby have a mutual understanding regarding each other's separate lives. 

"It's just like when there's so much tension, so many things have happened in the midst of all of that like, 'He loves you,' all of this," Cheaves said. "Like, yeah, he do love me, I'mma say, but as far as the internet, like I always say, we're comin' up together. He learning stuff he never even seen before about social media and all that, and I'm seeing things way different than I saw them before as I get older," Cheaves said.

Cheaves expressed that "a lot of damage" has been done, and if the couple can heal from it, then there's a possibility the two would "rekindle and rebuild another relationship."

"After a while, it's kinda like, 'Dang, I cant' keep doing this to myself because it's like, what am I getting in the end?" Cheaves said. 

After the drama fans are shocked the duo is back together. Some have even shaded Saweetie regarding the public reconciliation, telling the "My Type" rapper, "next time, get your shopping spree and don't post him, lol. Get played in private."

Many others have shared their opinions on social media, and here's what they had to say:

Some fans say they relate to the couples on and off history.

Lil Baby was out here dancing in the name of love with Cheaves on TikTok.

Saweetie stans defend the ICY queen.

On the other side, fans say Cheaves could do better than the ATL rapper.

Fans did their own investigation about the couple's reconciliation via Nicki Minaj's Instagram comments.

Some tweets even speculate a possible master plan against Saweetie.

Despite fans' speculations, the Bay Area rapper insists she has been minding her business.

"I be minding my business," Saweetie tweeted. "Check the time stamp. Love and light always."

Without the jokes, memes, and video references, social media wouldn't be what it is.