Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) - Breaking Bad - Season 4, Episode 9 - Photo Credit Ursula Coyote/AMC - BBEpisode409Day1(CamA1)-375
Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) – Breaking Bad – AMC

“Better Call Saul” is not a series that I watch unfortunately; although I did watch the original series that it was spun from, “Breaking Bad.” Fans of “Better Call Saul” will know that the season 2 finale hinted at the return of a popular “Breaking Bad” character, Gus Fring, as played by the great Giancarlo Esposito.

Those hints have now become a full-blown reality as it’s been made official that the awesome “Breaking Bad” villain — (SPOILERS) who met an explosive end in the season 4 finale (END SPOILERS) — will indeed make a comeback in “Better Call Saul,” with Esposito of course reprising his role as the controlled though chilling drug lord who also ran a fast-food chicken restaurant empire called Los Pollos Hermanos.

Esposito all-but confirmed his return on Wednesday, tweeting the following with accompanying video commercial for Los Pollos Hermanos that features Gus inviting customers to “Come in and try our new curly fries… We are so sure you’ll like them. And if you don’t, they’re on me”:

During AMC’s segment of the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter tour yesterday, the network confirmed Esposito’s/Fring’s return to “Better Call Saul,” with Esposito making an unexpected appearance during the panel, bringing come Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken with him.

AMC then released a brief statement simply saying, “Gus Fring will appear in season 3 of ‘Better Call Saul’.” Although, at this point, we don’t know how he’ll be used nor how many episodes we can expect to see him in.

During the panel, Esposito said that he was “so glad to be asked to be back as this character.”

Season 3 of “Better Call Saul” begins this spring on AMC.