Girlfriends star Reggie Hayes recently suffered a health scare.

In a new interview with Chicago Tribune, Hayes, who played William Jerrowme Dent, Esq., talked about having congestive heart failure. I was in the hospital overnight, they were having trouble getting my blood pressure back down,” he told the outlet. Seems like the more they look, the more problems they find. The good thing is, I don’t have coronavirus.”

Hayes’ health problem is just one of the issues Hayes has been affected by. He told the Tribune that he has had trouble finding work in the decade after Girlfriends finished airing, saying his time out of work is “not my most proud time.”

I had starred on this long-running show but I wasn’t Matt LeBlanc or one of the other kids from Friends who had doors opening for them after their show ended,” he said. Pretty much, I was just another guy.”

He also said that talk of a Girlfriends spinoff, in which he would star, would come and go without follow-through.  “I was getting a lot of winks and nods about that, and it just didn’t work out,’ he explained.

As a result, he said had to sell his house, which he was remodeling at the time of the show’s cancellation, and moved to “a little bungalow in a sketchy area and people would come by: ‘What the hell are you doing here?'”

Those were pretty awful years,” he said. I made it work with my little residual checks for a year and then I ended up moving into my sister’s garage for six years.” He booked a few guest roles after the show but said it wasn’t enough to get by. To make ends meet, he tried working as a bouncer, but he said “everyone in the club wanted their picture taken with me.” Hayes also cited the situation with Geoffery Owens and how actors would end up on the internet for having day jobs.

He also worked as a furniture mover for a short time. Thankfully, Hayes says hhe has since moved in with some nice roommates” and is finding work again. Also, now that Girlfriends is now in the public eye once again thanks to Netflix, Hayes has more reason to feel hopeful.

With Girlfriends on Netflix and everybody talking about it again, it’s a really nice warm feeling,” he said.


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