More news about the upcoming ‘Greenleaf’ sequel has been released, and eagle-eyed viewers of the series finale would have gotten a big hint.

During the finale, OWN promoted a new show called Delilah, which led fans to speculate that the new show is, in fact, the sequel series. The teaser was very short and featured no information indicating that it would be a Greenleaf spinoff.

But, according to Newsweek, fans on Twitter realized that the show is created by the same team behind Greenleaf.

However, in a recent TVLine interview, Greenleaf showrunner Craig Wright didn’t say much about what the new series would be about. But he did give strong hints that Lady Mae’s role as pastor would be important to the overall storyline.

There was always a five-season plan for the show and a spinoff was always considered. But due to the fan feedback of wanting more after learning that the show was ending, the spinoff went into immediate development.

Sooner or later, we’ll learn more details about what the premise of the new show actually is.



‘Greenleaf’ Spinoff Details Revealed ― Here’s What To Expect

Photo credit: OWN