The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius is getting hounded for some undercover racism.

Twitter user @KingBobbyDeal tweeted a video clip from the early ’00s Nickelodeon show featuring Cindy, Jimmy Neutron’s nemesis/love interest, quoting Prissy from Gone with the Wind. In the film, Prissy was a stereotypical slave character played by Butterfly McQueen. The character was portrayed as childlike and happily subservient to her white masters.

While this Prissy quote is very apparent and more blatant, another user caught what could be the use of the n-word in the background. It’s tough to make out, but you can decide for yourself by listening to the clip.

However, one viewer also brought up the fact that the show gave Libby, the Black girl character on the show, an episode in which she realized she was descended from Egyptian royalty. The user commented on how monumental that was for the character’s development.

What do you think about Jimmy Neutron and has it aged well in your opinion?



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Photo credit: Nickelodeon/Twitter