UK’s Channel 4 and Hulu are teaming up for a 4-part scripted miniseries telling the story of the abduction and death of a young black girl named Kiri, who was set to be adopted by a white foster family. It will air in the UK on Channel 4 and in the USA as a Hulu original series. The working title is Kiri. 


It will star Sarah Lancashire, Lucian Msamati (Taboo, Luther) and Lia Williams. The casting of the actress who will play Kiri hasn’t been announced yet.

The drama will see a social worker named Miriam (Lancashire), described as having a “maverick and instinctive approach to protecting the children in her care.” After arranging an unsupervised visit with Kiri and her biological grandparents, she disappears, and suspicion and blame from her colleagues, the press and the police center at Miriam. As the media spotlight around the story intensifies, Miriam, as well as both sets of families, are forced to ask the toughest questions, not just of themselves, but of each other.

Tobi (Msamati) Kiri’s biological grandfather, will have race and the relationship with his son (the prime suspect in Kiri’s murder) under the microscope, while Alice (Williams) who was set to adopt Kiri is subject to the intense pressure and public grief.

The series is written by Jack Thorne, whose credits include National Treasure (from Channel 4, not to be mistaken with the US film franchise). National Treasure was successfuly premiered by Hulu for U.S. audiences, which is why Kiri has been lined up for the streaming service for its U.S. release.


Hulu is really lacking when it comes to original scripted series centered around black characters, which is something Netflix has been getting right recently. Perhaps this is a start?