People magazine’s latest “Sexiest Man Alive” Idris Elba is back as our favorite brooding detective in the long-awaited next season of Luther. But in a newly released teaser, his sexiness is hidden behind a mask of pain and confusion since Luther has been tied up by a desperate gangster looking for his son.

The clip, released through BBC One’s Twitter page, finds Luther in the clutches of George Cornelius (Patrick Malahide), who is ready to torture Luther until he finds out what happened to his beloved son. However, Luther quickly gains the upper hand right as the mystery behind Cornelius’ son deepens.

The clip cuts off right at the critical moment, and unfortunately, if you want to know when the season airs so you can learn more, there’s no release date handy. Consider it a mystery within a mystery. For now, we’ll have to wait until BBC One illuminates the answer.