If you’ve been trying to figure out the plot to Cats for days, weeks, months or even years (like this writer), then you’re in good company. Why? Because even Cats star Idris Elba doesn’t know what Cats is about.

The revelation, potentially damaging to anyone who thought Elba found true meaning in playing Cats villain Macavity, was made during Elba’s visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. When Colbert asked him what the plot of the film was, Elba gave the impression that the question sideswiped him.

“Way to throw me under the bus there,” he said. “It’s a classic. It’s a big musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I guess it’s about a cat. How am I doing?”

He got closer to the plot as he kept talking. “It’s one cat’s journey towards what is essentially Cat Heaven,” he said. “The idea is we all…you know, aspire to get towards Cat Heaven. It’s this young cat…and she gets sort of…taken on this story about how to get to Cat Heaven. Or what you should do to get into Cat Heaven. How am I doing? Does anyone know what the story is?”

What do you think about Elba’s enthusiasm for the film? Give your opinions below. Cats will come to theaters December 20.



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