This may be bad news for some Due North fans!

Coming after Conjugal Visits and Due North, Insecure season 3 will feature a new show-within-a-show.

Showrunner Prentice Penny says this show will be more topical. “It’s definitely timely in the wake of a lot of things that happened in Hollywood in the last month or so,” he told Variety.

This season will have a bigger part for Y’Lan Noel’s character, Daniel, than it did in past seasons.

Noel said that he “deeply connects to his character,” and noted that Daniel has to “maintain his cool and his masculinity but at the same time he is a very sensitive, complicated soul which is a very nuanced thing to portray.” Noel said he shares so many similarities with Daniel that he is “forced to have that self-examination.”

Insecure will be back on HBO next month.