“Point Of No Return” finds the two older Greenleaf children in polar opposite stages of their lives. Jacob, who has previously struggled to find his footing not just within his family, but also as a head Pastor at Triumph, has finally found his voice and he’s not about to be silenced any time soon. In contrast, Grace seems to have lost both her faith and her calling as she continues to feel paralyzed by her Uncle Mac’s freedom. Her daughter, Sophia’s newfound relationship with the Lord, doesn’t even revive her.

Though Jacob is finally standing on his two feet, things aren’t exactly going well in his new home or at Triumph. He and Kerissa’s bungalow has some major electrical issues among other things, and Kerissa is fed up. While she attempts to get their home life in order, Jacob finds himself standing up to his parents and Triumph’s lead Pastor, Basie Skanks. He’s determined that this is a new chapter in his life, and he’s going to make the most of it. Jacob even tells Grace that he’s not going to sit back and pretend that her returning home, didn’t upend his entire life. Despite his enthusiasm and determination, it looks like Jacob’s plans are about to be thwarted in a very big way. Not only have the Greenleafs issued an injunction against Triumph 2.0, but Kerissa also discovers through Pastor Skanks’ wife Tasha, that everything might not be on the up and up when it comes to Triumph’s financials. (I wonder how they paid Kirk Franklin to perform.) Whatever they’ve gotten themselves into is probably going to be really bad. By the way, I’m finally starting to like Kerissa; it took long enough.

While Jacob is standing tall, Grace is wilting. As the episode opens, Sophia catches her mama sneaking in from being with Darius in the wee-hours of the morning, and later, a wedding that Grace is supposed to be officiating crumbles around her. Though the would-be bride is obviously a head case, Grace takes the demise of the relationship to heart, and her internal struggle with her faith seems to have her at an all-time low. Unlike before, there is no option for her to run, so at some point, she’s going to have to confront her feelings head on. I think prayer was a good first step.

Finally, the other smaller plot points in this episode seemed to all funnel through one person; my favorite “Greenleaf” character, Lady Mae. Calvary’s First Lady is always stirring the pot, and I live for it. When Charity confides in her mother about her plans to divorce Kevin, Lady Mae runs blabbing to Bishop and Calvary’s new Acting General Counsel Aaron Jeffrey. I’m sure this will certainly blow up in her face. Meanwhile, the Greenleaf matriarch seems so focused on making Aaron her new surrogate son, that she seems flabbergasted when he reveals that he knows about her affair with his father.

“Point of No Return” saw all of the characters in “Greenleaf” at a crossroads. Grace is drifting inward while Sophia has stepped out on faith. Jacob has made it clear that he’s done with his family, while Kerissa and Tasha have finally come to a tenuous understanding. Charity might be ready for a new man and career change, while Kevin is barely hanging on. Finally, Lady Mae is trying to keep it cute even though her own secrets have finally caught up with her. What did you think about this week’s episode of “Greenleaf”? I have some questions.

1. What has Basie Skanks gotten himself into? I knew the man was slippery, but this financial news is huge.
2. Aaron Jeffrey has something to hide. I’m not sure what it is yet, but the fact that he never did finish recording his voicemail message is significant. What do you think it meant?
3. Grace is at a true turning point, how do you think she will reinvigorate her faith?
4. Am I crazy or was that would-be bride a nut job?
5. Where is Zora? I was looking forward to her acts of teen rebellion, but she’s been missing this past couple of episodes.
6. Do you think Lady Mae will uncover the real reason why Charity and Kevin are divorcing?

“Greenleaf” airs Wednesdays at 10 PM ET on OWN.

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