Though it won five awards, Stranger Things was shut out of the major categories at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards.

This caused Jaleel White of Family Matters fame to sound off on social media:

He elaborated on his statements to Entertainment Weekly. “Sometimes our awards process can be very political, in terms of just driving personal agendas, and I think we forge. It’s just a simple message that I was trying to get across: You don’t get good and become great at anything without starting at a young age and having tremendous consistency. Somehow our youth doesn’t get honored; our youth just gets hazed.”

White went on to say, “They feel so entitled to the accolade they’ve probably worked for their entire career, that it’s offensive to them almost that someone so young, who hasn’t been through [their] journey, beat [them] for that award. And I just think that’s the wrong attitude to look at it. For directors and producers, you’re not going to get competent performers on your set if they didn’t start at a young age and understand professionalism.”

Calling himself a “huge” fan of the Netflix juggernaut, White said, “I didn’t want to start up with the Emmys or anything like that, but when I see that sometimes … I really wish they would acknowledge some of these kids that come along and give a stellar performance.” Catch White’s comments in full at EW.

White is returning to the small screen as a star of the upcoming CBS comedy, Me, Myself & I, which premieres this month.