The Joker has garnered a polarizing response from critics, all of whom praised the performance of Joaquin Phoenix. However, the film has been the subject of controversy due to its music selection.

The film, directed by Todd Phillips, uses a track by Gary Glitter, who was found guilty of multiple sex crimes against children, on its soundtrack.

For those unfamiliar, Glitter’s 1972 single “Rock and Roll Part 2” appears during a pivotal point in the movie in which Phoenix ‘s character, Arthur Fleck, finally transforms into the Joker.

In 2015, Glitter was sentenced to 16 years in prison for sexually abusing three girls. He was found guilty of “attempted rape, indecent assault and having sex with a girl under the age of 13.” Prior to this, the 75-year-old was jailed for downloading child pornography in 1999.

As reported by CNBC journalist Sam Meredith, Glitter is expected to receive a lump sum for allowing “Rock and Roll Part 2” to be used in Joker. Meredith also reports that Glitter could potentially receive royalties from Warner Bros. for the use of his song, depending on the success of the movie’s soundtrack and its success in both ticket and DVD sales.

The film has already grossed $93 million dollars on its domestic opening weekend, making it the largest October opening in box office history.


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Photo: Warner Bros.

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