With his Netflix film Mea Culpa freshly released, Tyler Perry’s latest Amazon MGM Studios film has set its two leads.

Perry is writing, directing and producing Joy Ridge (working title). A part of his four-year-deal with Amazon MGM Studios, the romantic film stars Shannon Thornton (also featured in Mea Culpa) and Tosin Morohunfola. The film has finished production in Colorado and at Tyler Perry Studios. Tyler Perry Studios’ Angi Bones and Will Areu will produce with Perry.

Thornton stars as Joy, a woman who gets challenged on what she thinks about love. According to the logline, as reported by Variety:

“Amidst the picturesque landacapes of Colorado Joy (Thornton) finds herself on a holiday trip with a man she envisions as ‘the one,’ However, her journey takes an enchanting turn as she stumbles upon someone who might just redefine her notions about the life she once knew back home.”

This film is the third film announced from Perry’s four-picture deal with Amazon MGM Studios. The other two that have been announced so far are Divorce in the Black, starring Meagan Good, is a romance drama about a “broken marriage,” and Black, White & Blue focuses on police brutality and stars Meagan Tandy, Tyler Lepley and Kat Graham.

Perry also has a film and TV deal at Netflix, and of course, has a long-running relationship at BET and BET+.

Perry’s latest film, Mea Culpa, is now streaming on Netflix.