Lil Baby and his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves, aka Jayda Wayda, were recently living it up at Paris Fashion Week, and they made sure to keep people’s attention with their sleek lewks!

An array of photos began circulating showing the pair donning different extravagant fashions, including one showing Lil Baby dressed almost entirely in leopard print.

Meanwhile, Cheaves was looking fresh in an all-floral pattern.

Another snapshot of the couple, who share a 2-year-old son named Loyal, showed them donning neutral-colored puffer jackets.

People also went crazy over the outfits the couple wore Balenciaga fashion show, as they appeared enigmatic and futuristic with their outfit.


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This Balenciaga outfit even managed to capture the attention of Kanye West, as he praised the “On Me” rapper’s futuristic lewk through an Instagram post.

“Love this fit @lilbaby. This the future Jordorowsky Incal Turrell Year,” Kanye wrote.

He then proceeded to list numerous different design schools before questioning where we’re going in 2022.

“I ask you to ask yourselves where are we going? It’s 2022. How do we look, how do we feel, what do we eat, where do we live, how do we communicate who are we, and how do we design our world to be the best we,” he added.


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Sure to not let Lil Baby steal her shine, Cheaves also shared some other eye-catching looks on her Instagram account.


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It’s also worth acknowledging that the pair drew several comparisons with their Paris Fashion Week lewks.

A few people also took the opportunity to poke fun at Lil Baby.

However, most people loved what Lil Baby and Cheaves were giving.

What do you think about their Paris Fashion Week outfits?