Love Island USA Season 6 has been subjected to the kind of drama reality TV is made for, and that is evident in the pairings between Kaylor Martin and Aaron Evans and Serena Page and Kordell Beckham.

During Saturday’s Love Island USA: Aftersun, reflecting on their relationship, host Ariana Madix noted (as reported by USA Insider from NBCU’s USA Network): “I was really rooting for her and Kordell. I felt like they were getting to a really good place.”

However, Kordell’s actions during Casa Amor threw a wrench in their plans. Ariana commented on Kordell’s behavior, saying, “Ultimately, I think that Kordell is a sweet person, but him being 22, I think that the immaturity is really showing.”

Madix also criticized the boys’ conduct, defending the Casa girls’ intentions: “My other problem is these boys bringing other girls back to the villa and then acting sheepish when they get confronted with their choices. The Casa girls have not done anything wrong.”

Expressing empathy for the Casa girls, Ariana stated, “I would be like, ‘I’m going to just go if you’re not going to say you really like me and you brought me back here for a reason.'”

She observed the group dynamics, noting, “You know, as soon as one said they were going, they all wanted to do it together.”

Ariana Madix teased ‘Love Island’ Season 6’s ‘Movie Night’

Looking forward to the upcoming drama, Ariana joked, “We have so many things that these Islanders need to see. We’re going to need lots of popcorn.”

She also hinted at the upcoming eliminations, saying, “People got to go, there’s only so many beds.”

Viewers can catch new episodes of Love Island USA Season 6 airing six days a week (outside of Wednesdays) on Peacock.