Melody Shari is tired of her co-star Latisha Scott’s mother, Miss Wanda, allegedly putting dirt on her name. The Love & Marriage: Huntsville star says she’s been the victim of vicious lies being spread. Viewers may remember Wanda was removed from filming after she nearly got into a physical altercation with Melody over rumors she spread about the paternity of her youngest child. Now, she says after years of being under attack, she’s taking her to court.

Melody went live to give the official warning to her elder. Apparently, Wanda spread rumors about Melody’s skincare products, claiming the reviews aren’t factual and that Melody doesn’t even use her own products. 

“You spewed out a lot of false information my girl. You spewed out a lot of hate and false information. I already texted my attorney, filing expeditiously. I’m not playing with you. Ain’t no more sparing or nothing, no shape form or fashion, none of that. Not doing it. And you know I ain’t doing it. Tired of you. You do too much. Ain’t nobody checking for you. You do way too much and been doing way too much. And the fact of the matter is you keep lying. Then you coming for my skincare brand too,” Melody said, as reported by Urban Belle Mag.

She continued, “So take your razor blade-lipped ugly looking a** on to the courthouse cause that’s where you bouts to be because you finna get served, my girl. I’m not playing with you. I don’t make money just for fun.”

Watch the live below: