Madison Pettis is wowing people with her Mariah Carey Halloween transformation.

Pettis posted her tribute to the iconic singer on social media, with fans reacting positively to her interpretations of Carey’s iconic album covers and photo shoots. . One commenter who reposted her look, leading to over 57,000 views, wrote, “madison pettis wants that biopic role BAD [sic].”

News of a Mariah Carey biopic has been floating around Hollywood for a while. Shadow and Act reported in 2017 how Deadline caught wind of a fictional, scripted drama loosely based on Carey’s life. Carey was set to executive produce the project as well. Then, in 2020, she was said to be working on adapting her memoir for TV or the big screen and could direct it herself.

Also, Carey recently announced her partnership with Lee Daniels to search for an actress to play her in a biopic based on her memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey. EurWeb reported that Carey said of the actress she wanted to play her: “I don’t think it’s about ‘cast the girl who sings the Mariah Carey style,’ whatever that is. It’s about casting a great actress with a somewhat similar look and just making sure the acting is there. Because we have the music–they can sing along to it.”

Daniels said according to The Jasmine Brand (as reported by EurWeb) that he feels the biopic should be more than just a film.

“I think it’s bigger than a film…I think that if there’s so much to her thing, I think it’s an epic limited series. I think that. I think it’s as big as Aretha’s [Aretha Franklin] story.”