Married couple and business partners Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are back with a third season of HGTV’s Married to Real Estate. In the exclusive sneak peek, Sherrod and Jackson are experiencing a challenge with their latest project.

In the clip below, Sherrod and Jackson realize that the house they’re working on has a serious moisture problem. And the problem will cost them a lot of money, which, of course, is an issue when you’re trying to renovate a house within a budget.

Married to Real Estate follows the couple as they change Atlanta one renovation at a time. According to HGTV:

Power couple Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson will help more Atlanta families buy houses with potential and transform them into breathtaking dream homes in a new 12-episode season of HGTV’s hit series Married to Real Estate. Attracting more than 15.6 million viewers to their previous run, Egypt, a real estate broker and designer, and her husband Mike, an expert builder, will continue to inspire fans and keep it fun while they run successful property businesses, manage a home and raise three daughters. Egypt, who previously starred in HGTV’s Property Virgins and Flipping Virgins, will apply her extensive real estate and financial knowledge to find clients affordable options in their ideal neighborhoods that can be reimagined with her custom design plans. Mike and his team will then maximize the budget and troubleshoot any construction issue to deliver stunning renovations that increase the homes’ value and return on investment.

When Shadow and Act talked to the couple in February, they said they have gotten tons of positive feedback about how they represent Black love.

“They’ve expressed they’re very proud of us. They feel that we’re being ourselves and that we’re allowed to be our entire selves as an African-American family, which sometimes, on television, that’s just not the case,” said Sherrod. “In many cases, we are the representation of who someone thinks we are. So I think the realness, the rawness, the honesty, the transparency– people see themselves in us and so they’ve been very proud.”

“There are so many elements to it. Like my wife said, it’s about being relatable. The transparency. But the truth is who we really are, when the cameras go away, we’re still the same people. And that’s what makes it work. We don’t have to pretend to be a family that loves each other or a couple that is striving to inspire folks,” Jackson added. “This is just who we are. I had one young man say, ‘You may see all the elements of the family aspect and everything, but I guarantee you, you don’t see the fact that I am a single person. And as a young man, I look at you as a father that I’ve never had.’ And that just blew me away.”

Season 3 of Married to Real Estate comes to HGTV Dec. 28 at 9/8c.

Watch the sneak peek below: