On the new Cloak & Dagger episode “Ghost Stories,” New Orleans’ connections to the MCU finally revealed itself. During the episode, Detective Brigid O’Reilly (Emma Lahana), a transplant from New York, revealed that she’s friends with New York detective Misty Knight (Simone Missick).

The reveal was a part of several revelations during the episode, including Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) revealing his powers to O’Reilly and her boyfriend, Officer Fuchs (Lane Miller), to show how his plan to capture Detective Connors (J.D. Evermore), the man who killed his older brother, Billy (Marqus Clae), could feasibly work. The idea led to the series first extended look at Tyrone in full Cloak mode, including wearing the eponymous piece of clothing, retconned for the series as a Mardi Gras Indians cloak his brother beaded before he died.

After the plan is successful and Connors is in custody at the police station, Fuchs asks O’Reilly about Tyrone’s powers. O’Reilly responds, “I’m from New York; I’ve seen it before. I ever tell you about my friend Misty? I’ll tell you about her later.”

Of course, O’Reilly is referencing all of the supernatural stuff Misty has seen while on the force, which includes Luke Cage, who is invincible to most weapons and has super strength. Misty herself has new abilities thanks to her new bionic arm.

Will we ever learn more about Misty and O’Reilly’s friendship and could Misty herself make a cameo on Cloak & Dagger in the future? No word on either yet. Annoyingly, there’s also no word on if Cloak & Dagger will be picked up for a second season, despite critical praise.

Cloak & Dagger‘s season finale will air August 2 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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