In the new trailer for the second season of Marvel’s YA hit Runaways, the group of young superheroes are on the run, hoping to use their powers to take on their evil parents and “fix the world they broke.” It’s a tall order for the group, seeing how their parents are members of The Pride, an organization that includes mafia bosses, time-travelers and evil geniuses, aliens and wizards. But it makes sense that the only people who could take down this intense group would be their own offspring.

Runaways has been another hit for Marvel in the streaming arena. It’s been so successful that according to Vulture, the series re-aired its first season on Freeform as a chaser for Marvel and Freeform’s other YA property Cloak and Dagger, which wrapped up its first season in August. Runaways‘ success is also important for Marvel for another reason; seeing how Disney now owns Fox thanks to the merger to end all entertainment mergers, Runaways provides a fantastic framework and entryway for Marvel to eventually integrate the X-Men into the MCU. The rights to the X-Men were originally under 21st Century Fox, with the last of their X-Men films, Dark Phoenix, coming out in 2019.

Runaways features Rhenzy Feliz, Angel Parker and Ryan Sands along with Lyrica Okano, Brittany Ishibashi, James Yaegashi, Virginia Gardner, Annie Wersching, Kip Pardue, Ariela Barer, Kevin Weisman, Gregg Sulkin, James Marsters, Ever Carradine, Allegra Acosta, Vladimir Caamaño and Carmen Serano. The second season will premiere on Hulu Dec. 21.