While wishes currently remained unfulfilled for Miles Morales, the black Latino Spider-Man to appear on the big screen, Morales is continuing to show up in other forms across properties.

In a recently-revealed deleted scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Morales was referenced by name. Since the film’s release this summer, it has been understood that the door was open for Morales to appear in future films, due to the appearance of the character’s uncle Aaron Davis (Donald Glover), who referenced he had a nephew. Prior to this, for years there had been a campaign to get Glover as Morales in the role, but of course by now, he’s presumably aged out of consideration. Perhaps the inclusion of him in this film as Davis was even a nod to that.

Anyway, as far as new projects with Morales featured, there is Sony’s animated feature film currently in development which will have The Get Down and Dope star Shameik Moore as the voice of Morales. There hasn’t been any update on that since, besides reports that Mahershala Ali and Brian Tyree Henry would voice characters as well.

It is worth noting that back in 2015, Glover (again, possibly in a nod to the campaigns to have him as Morales in a live-action movie), voiced the character in two episodes of Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man. 

Now, in a sequel series which just premiered called, Marvel’s Spider-Man, the character is back, this time as a main character and voiced by Nadji Jeter, known for his roles in the Grown Ups films and the BET comedy Reed Between The Lines. 

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This new animated series features an assortment of characters dubbed a “Spider-Man family,” including Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Liz Allan, Flash Thompson and more.

On voicing a Marvel character and the importance of Miles Morales, Jeter said, “It is such an honor and such a blessing to be a part of Marvel because Marvel has such an impact on kids. So when I got cast, I was speechless. To be a part of this family is such an honor. I love this kid because he’s one of the smartest kids at Horizon High—but the youngest. And that gave me the opportunity to channel my inner kid, to really go back into that mindset of being a young boy again. At the same time, the difference between me and Miles is he has a great responsibility—to grow with him and watch him learn—and to see the world that he’s in, is crazy.”

Jeter is also playing Nick Gordon in TV One’s Bobbi Kristina biopic.