Months ago, Shadow and Act reported how Mo’Nique was taking CBS and Paramount Pictures to task for not paying her and the rest of the cast their proper residuals by launching a breach of contract lawsuit. Now, Mo’Nique and co-star Countess Vaughn are joining together to ask for what’s rightfully theirs.

According to Vibe, Mo’Nique and her husband/manager Sidney Hicks took to Instagram to address CBS and Paramount, saying that they stand with the ongoing strikes. They also said how CBS and Paramount haven’t paid them the 24 years of residuals they owe.

“We’re coming to you today to let you know that we’re standing with all the unions that are striking right now and we have a story that we must share of our own with the community,” she said. “Countess Vaughn and I did a show called The Parkers. The Parkers has now been on air for 24 years and they’re trying to convince us through our ownership of the show that we made absolutely no money.”

Hicks added that he viewed the studios’ viewpoint as “baffling” because, as he states, the show was made for under $70 million, but has gone on to gross over $700 million.

Mo’Nique brought in Dave Chappelle’s former dealings with CBS via Comedy Central, saying, “So what we’re asking you, CBS, is can you please treat these two Black women fairly? When our brother Dave Chappelle–who ironically had a deal with CBS–said he signed the deal out of desperation and it was a bad deal, they were able to go back and do the right thing and they made that deal fair and they paid Dave Chappelle what he rightfully deserved. What we’re asking you, CBS, [is] don’t pay us any more, but don’t pay us any less.”

Vaughn also posted her own video to Instagram, saying, “You know people always trip me out when saying something like, ‘You’re lying, it’s not true.’ Yes, give us our money.”

“You would be mad if you worked all week and when it’s time to get your check, they go, ‘Oh, the last other checks, that should cover it. We paid you already,'” she continued. “But did you get me for my services now? Today? All the days that you have played our episodes–pay that. It’s not fair.”

The news of Mo’Nique’s lawsuit broke April 13 from The Associated Press, which reported that the suit claims producers have taken the lion’s share of the profits from the success of The Parkers without paying the actors. The suit also alleges the writers and series creators have also been underpaid.

The days after the suit broke, Vaughn appeared to back up Mo’Nique’s claims by reposting Mo’Nique’s Instagram statement at the time.