Fans are reacting on Twitter after Nicki Minaj publicly supported Ice Spice and co-signed the Bronx native’s “princess” title. On Monday, Minaj showed Ice Spice love by sharing the young artist’s cover shoot on Dazed magazine on her social media. The magazine titled the red-headed baddie in its headline “The People’s Princess,” which Minaj had no problem co-signing.

Minaj is known for keeping her eyes on the next batch of rappers, so Ice Spice getting the Barbie clearance is refreshing after Minaj’s beef with rapper Latto.

“GAG!!!, Catch it!!!” Minaj wrote on her Instagram Story alongside a screenshot of the 23-year-old’s magazine cover.

Minaj took it a step further and sealed the approval in Spice’s Instagram comments, quoting the young drill rapper’s “Princess Diana” lyrics, letting the people know Ice Spice has her full support.

“Btchs slow so I gih dem a pass. 🔥 Nah. Grah! No more passes Princess…Let’s go,” Minaj wrote.

Ice Spice reposted the Instagram Story post, writing, “ya heard da QUEEN.”

Twitter instantly discovered Ice Spice’s earlier tweets, which she had sent while manifesting and preparing for the Queen’s social media following.

“OMG NICKI JUST FOLLOWED ME AGHHHHH!” she tweeted in November 2020.

Ice explained she was only “practicing” in a later tweet.

Furthermore, fans observed that Nicki liked some tweets that read “ice spice getting signed to Nicki’s label!” and “now when they announced that ice spice is signed to Nicki Minaj’s record label>>>>>.”

Ice Spice’s manager fueled speculation that Ice and Nicki Minaj could work together.

“Princess and the queen!!, We goin up this year for real, we aint seen the top yet. Young Money 2.0.loading…,” James Rosemond Jr. wrote.

Ever since the sweet exchange, fans on Twitter speculate Minaj’s support could lead to a future feud between Spice and Minaj.

“Ice spice is thriving and the talk of the town rn and than you see Nicki Minaj clinging onto her calling her the “princess”.. did the same thing with Doja cat.. Megan the stallion.. ect + Just let these girls THRIVE in peace!!,” one user tweeted.

“Nicki Minaj calling Ice spice the princess of rap just make it official that she’ll be beefing with her by next year,” another tweeted.

“Nicki is using ice, idc idc. Ice is Genuine but I can’t say the same for miss queen. She was just complaining about them white washing rap a few months ago. I love her but I smell BS. Chile, I digress,” another user tweeted.

Other fans support the exchange and call it genuine after several instances where Ice Spice mentioned Minaj as her idol.

why are you being so negative. they are both genuine, why would nicki minaj need to use icespice ? nicki minaj is signing a lot of artists, and she just signed two dark skinned women to her record label. you are just saying this bs for likes and engagement,” another fan tweeted.

If Minaj is in the process of building her record label, would you like it if Ice Spice hops on the team?